How to Annotate an Audio File

Annotate mp3 and wav files!

A. Waveform   B. Selection  C. Timeline marker  DPlayback time / Auto centering  E. Play button F. Playback speed  G. Volume  H. Zoom in/Zoom out  I. Add Annotation  J. Equalizer  K. Meta


Step One: Listen

Beginning with an open file, press play to listen. Select the annotation icon to add a new comment:


Step Two: Annotate

The annotation palette will appear. Click-and-drag to select a segment of the waveform. The selection area can be moved and re-sized until the annotation is submitted. Type or video-record feedback and select submit:


The annotation will appear in the panel to the right and assume the color assigned to the user.


Playback & Selection

Hover over a selection on the waveform to reveal the comment in a popup. The corresponding annotation will be highlighted in the conversation panel to the right:


Click on a comment in the conversation panel and the audio will play that selection. 


The Equalizer

When the browser is at full-screen the equalizer will appear below the waveform


When using an iPad or tablet, the EQ will appear as a modal:


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