Getting Started with Critique^It LTI

Getting started with Critique^It LTI

Welcome to Critique^It annotation!

To install the Critique^It app, you will need to register to receive a Consumer Key and Shared Secret.

Registration includes a 30-day free trial. To register, click here.

Critique^It makes it easy! We identify each universities' unique Canvas instance ID. No CSVs or student information needs to be exchanged for authentication.

Note: To add the Critique^It app to your course on Canvas, you must have administrative access to the course. As an administrator of the Canvas LMS, you have special access privileges that allow you to add additional external third party applications such as the Critique^It app.

For more information on how to obtain a semester pilot or site-wide license, please contact Stephen Sterling at 888-983-4839 xt. 703 or email



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