How to select Critique^It as an external tool for an assignment

How to select Critique^It as an external tool for an assignment


  1. From Courses, click on Assignments menu item at left.

    Sometimes if you have a smaller window open you might not see the side navigation bar  with the assignments menu item. To reveal the side navigation click on the menu icon (three horizontal lines)

  2. Once you have opened the assignments page click on the blue + Assignment  button to launch the new Assignment form.

  3. Enter the name of the assignment and some description about the assignment or instructions to complete it.


  1. Enter the relevant information about the assignment in other available form fields (for detailed info on the assignments form fields, follow the instructions from the Canvas manual

  2. The to install the Critique^It tool scroll down to the Submission Type drop down menu and choose External Tool.

  3. You will then see the External Tool window. Under the External Tool Options header, click inside the External Tool URL text input field box. This will launch the Configure External Tool popup window.

  4. In the Configure External Tool popup window, click on the Critique^It LTI module and click Select:

  5. After clicking the module, the External Tool URL form field inside the Submission Type box will populate with the domain.

  6. Very important: Check the box next to Load in a new Window. If this box is not checked, the assignment will not load.

  7. Scroll down and click on the blue Save button
  8. You will be taken back to the assignments page. Click on the button that mentions Load [ your assignment name ] in a new window, this will launch the Critique^It LTI app in a new window.

  9. the Critique^It LTI app initiates in a new window. Choose the type of assignment you would like to create:

  10. When you first load a new assignment, you will see three assignment type options to choose from—Student Upload, Instructor Upload, and Open Review.

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