Leave video feedback

Leave video feedback

  1. To leave a video feedback click on the camera icon on the lower left of the Critique^It palette next to the "T" button for text feedback. In this window you can choose to record a video from a webcam or upload a prerecorded video.

  2.  To record a video with your webcam, click on the camera icon.  

  3. If you are on a desktop computer, you will be prompted to access your camera. You will need the latest Flash Player installed. Click on the “Allow” radio button. If you  think you will frequently leave video annotation check the “Remember” box. Finally, click the “Close” button.

  4. You will get a brief countdown before the camera begins recording.

  5. Start recording your message after the countdown. When finished, click anywhere within the screen to stop recording. You are allowed to record up to 10 minutes. Note that while recording you will see the word “Rec” on the upper right corner.

  6. When you are done reviewing you will be prompted to accept, re-record or review the recording again.

  7. Once you click “Accept” the video comment is published and listed on the right comment menu and ready to be opened.  

  8. Open the video by clicking the blue "play" arrow.

  9. The video player will launch and click on the “Play” button.


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