Changing user highlight color

Changing user highlight color

CritiqueIt allows you to change the highlight color of any user’s annotation. This can be useful if you want to visualize and discern annotations from individual users. To change the user highlight color:


  1. Click on the "Users" center tab at located at the top of the right hand bar

  2. Once on the "Users" tab, click on the color picker square button next to the user name. Note that the color of the square identifies the current color for the user (yellow in this case).

  3. After clicking the color square, a color picker tablet displays allowing you to chose a different color. Click on the color of your preference. 

  4. In this example we are changing from a yellow to a green highlight color.

  5. You can also turn off the highlights of one or multiple users by toggling the view/hide toggle button annotations under the user name. Note that when the annotations are turned "on" the toggle/slide button is colored blue and when it's turned off it’s colored gray and the corresponding user annotations disappear.

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