Adding Critique^It as a Custom App to your course

Step-By-Step Registration and Installation

  1. Register at
    Select LTI or API.
  2. Fill out all the registration information. Choose the correct learning management system (platform), and select REGISTER:
  3. An email will be sent to the registered address.

  4. Open the email and select the link.
  5. Your new credentials are displayed. These credentials are connected to your registered email address. You will only be able to register an email once.

    PLEASE DO NOT REFRESH THE PAGE. The information on this page is for one-time use only.
    Please COPY and SAVE the key, secret, domain and launch URL.

  6. Navigate back to Course Settings > Apps > Manual Configurations

  7. Update the key and secret values with the ones we provided you.

Now any instructor Canvas user on your instance will be able to deploy the CIT app without any further credentialing or validation.










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