Canvas Installation Overview and Background

Canvas Installation Method


CIT now authenticates and registers entire Canvas instances instead of individual Canvas users. This is according to LTI standard and makes installation for large volumes of users much more streamlined.

In January, CIT will be providing an XML block that automatically configures the application according to your Canvas instance’s specifications. Prior to January, any Canvas pilots will need to manually configure the app.


Critique^It is committed to following best practices and as such consults the LTI manual for guidance on how to best and most securely authenticate.

Per standard,Critique^It uses the LTI 1.1 Implementation guide. You can find this on the LTI wiki as well as on Canvas documentation itself:

Critique^It identifies your Canvas instance based on your tool_consumer_instance_guid. You can find information about this identifier in both LTI documents posted above.


As the tool_consumer_instance_guid can be difficult to find,Critique^It will extract and present it for you upon app installation.

In order to authenticate your account, contact aCritique^It representative and we’ll provide you with a matching key and secret.

Please find the step-by-step instructions below.

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